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Thirst: The Contemporary Crisis of Water

Water, Water, Everywhere and not a drop to Drink


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Invitation to write and Call for Papers and Chapters:


Many cities are experiencing a crisis of freshwater and are unable to provide water out of the tap for their citizens, many people around the world still dont have acess to any running safe clean local drinking water and many still have to walk miles to fetch it daily.

More and more peoples water is being privatised and commodified. Many peoples water is polluted or contaminated to dangerous levels. As humans become more and more of an urban species, fewer choices of drinking water supply become available and cities can no longer guarantee a continous water supply. Whole cities in Asia and South America, some of them the new Megacities cannot supply water for their citizens, the most basic of resources without which we cant have life.











Water is the new Blue Gold! As it gets increasingly scarce, as the population rises, there is a rush to commodify it, making it less available and more scarce for ordinary people.




This book starts to unravel how the logic of neo liberal and market economics which puts profit, and share holder value before human need and water availability is leading to a global crisis which simply must be resolved, this one wont go away. We explore how different economics solutions can be brought in to remove this ridiculous and short sighted economic policy and how water belongs to everyone and should remain something which every single person and creature on the planet has access to enough of. The book also looks at all aspects of water on this bluest of planets- the earth. Rivers, seas, and marine life. We are fouling our ancestral nest at an alarming rate and if we are not careful the water we will have acess to will be dangerous and destructive sea level rise, we will have water and seas instead of land but


"'Water, Water, Everywhere and not a drop to Drink' may well come back to haunt us!" 1979 Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner

This book explores this blind alley we have gone up with regard to the water on the earth and starts the process of change, economics policy, paradigms and planning for a brighter future with the water how we need it and where we need it and accessible to everyone and everything that needs it, when they need it!


People all over the world are searching for answers and this book is one of the first to provide economists and students with different ways of seeing the world and solving the worlds economics crisis.


We are currently inviting anyone who thinks outside of the business as usual box and who wants things to get better to write – either a paper, article, chapters, rant, academic piece,

policy piece, campaigning idea, business idea and also theoretical and theory ideas and case studies from any where in the world.


We specialise in inclusion, we specialise in diverse open source diverse voices in our books. We specialise in having writers from all parts of the globe, especially voices and people who are not normally heard! If you would like to take part in this ground breaking project please email us today and tell us about your idea. We will mix work from new writers with more experienced and the global leaders in this field with a number of high profile specialists.


We are especially keen to receive papers on any aspect of water, seas, rivers, sea level rise, drinking water, or economic issues from any and all individual country/countries and papers dealing with regions and themes and cross border themes too. We will accept sections, whole chapters, subsections and papers.


Please enquire for details. 


We would be pleased to receive papers ready to put into our chapters on any of the above themes or ideas for them. We are giving preference to our members, our students and our supporters. If you are going to write please let us know now by emailing Please have a look at our bookshop website area to get ideas about our range of books.


We welcome diverse contributions and we especially welcome and help with contributions from new writers or other ideas. The writing can be anything from 2 sides A4 or more. Ideally between 2 sides and 10 sides each. We will mix academic, institutional, research, polemic, simple and more complex writing, political, policy makers, government academic, campaigning, institutional and business styles of writing as this is much more exciting to read. Contributions can be of a practical, theoretical or philosophical or research, policy, implementation, case study, examples, best practice, or campaigning nature. We are planning to produce at least 2 books on this subject so there is plenty of room for your writing.


Please ensure you give citations for any items you have not written yourself and photos must all be attributed to who took them. References must be Harvard style- and we do not accept footnotes. Please ask for further information or guidance if you need it. Please ensure you do not infringe anyone else's copyright.


  • Publisher: The Green Economics Institute

  • ISBN-10: 190754352X

  • ISBN-13: 978-1907543524

  • Paperback: 300 page


We look forward to hearing from you very soon and to your writing for this exciting project. We are very happy to advise you about your possible contribution so do not hesitate to contact us.


Miriam Kennet (UK) and Dr Indira Dutta (Gujarat, India) and Michelle S. Gale de Oliveira (Sao Paulo, Brazil)


The Green Economics Institute


Twitter: @greeneconomists





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