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The Greening of Global Banking and Finance


Editors: Miriam Kennet,Professor Maria Alejandra Caporale Madi (Brazil ) and Kamilė Bukaveckaitė (Lithuania)


This book has been designed to reclaim sustainable finance and to propose a renaissance of the social dimension ofBanking and Finance in the 21st century. It is not enough simply to explore Prudential Regulation. Bankers are groping for new concepts and solutions and admitting that their existing models and theories let them down, both in failing to predict the Economic Crisis and also in providing a Europe wide solution to it. As a result some top bankers have even confessed that these failings have indeed resulted in misery for millions of people across Europe. This book begins the conversation about what could come next in terms of a more benevolent concept and role of banking in the 21st century.

Besides setting the scene of the challenges for re-conceptualizing finance and rethinking growth, money and risk for the 21st century, this book addresses some of the main topics of financial power, instability and policy issues. 

Indeed, the book aims to demystify public and private finance in order to explain the main current social and economic challenges.

The editors’ concern is about the failure of speculation and of the state short-term policies that have undermined people's future. As a result, rethinking growth and finance for sustainability are the pillars of this book about Rebalancing Financial Power.


Book Overview: 12 parts. No. of pages 304 approx. ISBN: 9781907543203


The Greening of Global Banking and Finance



Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: The Banking Crises

Part 3: The shadow banking system

Part 4: Features of the Global Finance System

Part 5: Banks and sustainability

Part 6: Banking in the global economy: The Developing World

Part 7: Background and History to Approaches to Current Economics and Banking Problems

Part 8: Public Finance

Part 9: Green Economics and Global Finance

Part 10: Green Economics – Sharing Global Finance

Part 11: Rethinking Growth

Part 12: Finance for Sustainability


ISBN: 9781907543203


Biographies of Editors:


Miriam Kennet is CEO, director and co-founder of the Green Economics Institute and the founder and editor of the International Journal of Green Economics. She is a member of Mansfield College, Oxford University and the Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University. She is a UK government recommendation for the IPCC and has her own delegation to the Kyoto Climate Protocol Conferences and to the RIO +20 Conference. Miriam was named as one of the 100 most powerful unseen women making change globally at a ceremony in London. She is the founder and Director of The Green Economics Institute and the International Journal of Green Economics and in 2014 received the Honour Award for Green Business, from the Ministry of Trade in Luxembourg. She has been involved in the Bank of England's discussions with the Treasury and economists to try to Rebalance and Reform Economics Education and courses.


Professor Dr Maria Alejandra Madi, holds a PhD in Economics. She works at the intersection between macroeconomics, finance and socio-economic development. Retired Professor at the State University of Campinas, Brazil, she is currenty Director of the Ordem dos Economistas do Brasil and Counselor at the Conselho Regional de Economia–SP. Besides her participation as co-author in chapter books edited by the Global Labor University, she is a regular author with the Green Economics Institute.


Kamilė Bukaveckaitė is a specialist in Public Administration at Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania. Her areas of inerest are International Relations, Democracy issues around the World and International Politics of Culture and Religion. Kamilė has travelled extensively around the world, mostly India and Europe. Kamilė is a member of Green Economics Institute. She attended in the 10thAnnual Green Economics Institute conference at Oxford University in March 2015 as a member of the management team. She edited the academic proceedings of the conference.


Contributors to the book:

Professor Dr Dzintra Atstaja (Latvia), Rafael Felipe Cardoso,(Brazil), Professor Dr Graciela Chichilnisky (USA and Argentina), Gundega Dambe (Latvia), Professor Dr José Ricardo Barbosa Gonçalves, Volker Heinemann (Germany and United Kingdom), Steven Mandel, Michelle S. Gale de Oliveira, Carlos Francisco Restituyo Vassallo (Dominican Republic),Jonathan Ross-Tatam, Sir Crispin Tickell, Dr Jeffrey Turk PhD (Slovenia and Belgium), Professor Dr Chow Fah Yee(Malaysia), Willelm Schmidt,(Austria).

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Order this book from the Green Economics Institute

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