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Survival Solutions- Climate, Economy, Biodiversity and Health- 23rd to 25th July 2021 -on line -join

Green Economics Institute's 3 Day Conference.

23rd 24th 25th July 2021 online on zoom platform.

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The three day Green Economics Conference will host a wide range of speakers from across the world, delivering presentations on a variety of topics from wherever they are, including on responses to the latest challenges.

  • The Green Economic Recovery, No More Business As Usual, Global Reset, Build Back Better. A Just Transition: Diversity, Holism, Sustainability, SDGs, We explore how to change economics, investment and finance to provide a future for humanity, other species, the climate and the Earth. The circular economy, Basic Income, The Green New Deal - no more business as usual. The future is in our hands! Reclaiming Economics from its small group of narrow interests in profit, growth, greed and destruction - and turning it into something beneficial where all the World flourishes.

  • Can we ever own the Earth? If we have destroyed one planet - do we have the right to go and muck up another one? Hurting nature - the cause of future pandemics? 143 Million people being climate migrants by 2020 - is not a change - It's a climate emergency! Species and people are all on the move towards cooler climates. The Arctic heatwaves signal warming unseen since before human civilisation began. We explore the climate science and facts and ask what does it take to convince people - that its finally time to act?

  • Debates, experts, workshops, campaigns, research. We explore fact, truth reality, democracy and the current dilemmas of technology vs freedom and surveillance vs health which are affecting everyone on the planet. Do we want Factory Farmed Humans? Or do we want well-being and a work life balance exploring the cultural impacts in shaping a new human beyond homo economicus. Smart Cities, smart women, smart lives? Young peoples futures, older people care, indigenous peoples, we are all one humanity. Our future is their future. We must work together.

  • We are all in this together, if we hurt one person and keep them in poverty and injustice, they are far more likely to become ill and we can catch it - so never has it been so important to look after every person and every living being properly. We exploit anyone and we hurt ourselves. Everyone needs the same opportunities as everyone else - we cant have just 8 men to own half the world's wealth - its time to share properly.

  • Virtual visits to forests and trees. Exploring the Primal Forests of Europe, the cultural respect for Trees, the secret life of Trees and how they nurture us. Understanding the power processes which have sought to destroy trees and how we need trees for our survival and how to protect them and how to change the legal system so it supports life on earth, rather than endorses and reinforces its destruction in the name of law and order and the economy. Trees are life givers, oxygen creators, important habitats and climate regulators. We need them.

  • Global Reset, Grow your own! Ending Pollution, The New Normal, Reclaiming our own food, Fresh, Healthy, Life Giving Food, Locally Grown - the links between healthy food, avoiding pandemics, keeping safe and ending the power of corporations to skew our health, make us ill and then mend us all for a profit.We can grow our own food - all we need is light and a window sill, nature provides well for us. Lets not allow her to be destroyed in the name of profit and greed and economics. Virtual visits to farms, gardens and kitchens around the world.

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*This is a private event for participants. We therefore reserve the right to refuse entry without giving a reason. We have zero tolerance, for heckling, baracking, racist, sexist or other harrasing and the team will not hesitate to remove any participants if they do not follow the conference etiquette for the benefit of participants overall. Thank you for your understanding.

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