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Members: share your ideals and vision

Your ideals motivate and inspire our team and our international network of supporters. As we move toward the end of 2015, we are asking members like you to share your reasons for supporting the Green Economics Institute. What inspires you about our work? How do you identify with the ideals of green economics? Where do you see the Institute's work going, and what would you like us to accomplish in the next year? Click here to share your thoughts and vision.

Here is an answer we received recently from a member of our Lithuanian chapter, Kamile Bukaveckaite: "I came to the Green Economics Institute with only theoretical view on Green Economy and Green Economics. I had very little knowledge economics and I had always thought that Green Economics is just a ‘greener’ version of economics. Now I think that Green Economics is “thinking out of the box”. Green Economics is not about the homo economicus, it is about EVERYTHING – ALL humans and ALL species. I really hope to learn more and more in coming years as a member of the Green Economics Institute and involve myself in more activities to help to spread its ideas. And I really feel that the impact of institute’s ideas will spread around the world. So I really hope by the help of the Green Economics Institute members Green Economics Institute will be able to make world a greener and better place for everyone."

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