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Celebrating the Institute's First 10 Years

This year marks the Green Economics Institute's 10th Anniversary - a year of celebration, high-powered events, and new frontiers for many of our programmes, projects and campaigns. We are grateful for our supporters around the world who have been so dedicated to the Green Economics Institute's mission.

For the past decade, participants from the world's leading academic and research institutions, international organizations such as UNEP, UNESCO and the ILO, major international NGOs, and members of domestic and foreign government agencies have joined us for our annual conference's three days of lectures, debate, and innovation. In addition to campaigners, academics, and institutional leadership, we welcome writers, journalists, university students, and supporters. Groundbreaking research is introduced and world-class speakers present their work, often publishing not only in the conference proceedings, but also in the Green Economics Institute's books, academic journals, and membership publications.

The Annual Green Economics Conference is headquarters for intellectual debate and green economics research, focusing on current events and urgent issues often including fracking, social awakening, environmental and economic collapse, human rights, and cutting edge research on climate change and biodiversity loss are examined.

The Institute stands at the forefront of debate, developing and informing a green perspective on current events. Every year, ideas exchanged at this conference have been key to the transformation of economic, social and environmental policy around the globe. We invite you to join us this year, and participate in this global transformation - the reformation of economics. Those interested in speaking, sitting on a panel, or submitting papers for the proceedings, please contact our team:

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