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A Groundbreaking Book from The Green Economics Institute


Vintage Generation: Let's Create a Rocking Chair Revolution


A Book about the Senior Years - Published by the Green Economics Institute


Edited By Birgit Meinhard-Schiebel (Austria),

Miriam Kennet & Michelle S. Gale de Oliveira (Brazil)


This exciting collection of ground breaking essays, speeches & articles shows the dynamism of todays older writers and the lives they lead today in all walks of life. This collection is as inspiring as it is varied and shows how this demographic shift and timebomb impacts all walks of life today.


Book overview: 10 parts. Paperback. No of pages 300 approx. ISBN: 9781907543517.

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Intergenerational Justice and Equity Issues and Dilemmas

Part 3: Finance, economics, investment and pensions

Part 4: Theorising care and why this affects the approach we take in Green Economics, the economics of caring, sharing and supporting each other

Part 5: Older Generation Anti-Nuclear

Part 6: Age friendly Cities, The Built Environment, Sanitation and Energy

Part 7: The Economics of Health and Pollution

Part 8: Food and Health

Part 9: Green Economics – the Economics of Environmental Justice and Survivability

Part 10: Green Economics

After a century of the cult of the young – things have changed.The idea of this book is designed to get people talking aboutthe enormous potential and power of the Vintage Generation today.

In fact one of the factors which makes humans unique is the help the older generation provides in many areas, and some biologists think this is what has made us so sucessful. Therefore we ignore this part of our lives at our peril, hence this book is a kind of liberation statement of senior age!


The Institute's first ever training course was held in Berlin with young greens and senior greens together and since then it has always been a keen advocate for a new way of looking at senior life and senior lives and argues strongly for a new respect for seniors and their experience and also the huge value they bring to people and society.This book features green voices from around the world and explores the new world where far more people are older and they form a significant force in the economy. Includes chapters by Austrian and Swedish Greens and many others!




Michelle S. Gale de Oliveira (USA and Brazil) is Director of the Green Economics Institute and a specialist in human rights law and development, and founder of the Gender Progress Consortium.


Miriam Kennet (UK) was named as one of the 100 most powerful women making change globally. She is the Founder and Director of The Green Economics Institute, The Academic Discipline of Green Economics, and the International Journal of Green Economics. She has lectured about the National Health Service to Chinese Health Diplomats on courses held at Oxford University.


Birgit Meinhard – Schiebel

Chairperson and driving force of the European Network Green Seniors (ENGS) which is an important organisation which spans the whole of Europe. She has been a Green Economist for at least 10 years and attended the very first Green Economics Training Course in Berlin in 2005.


Other authors included:

Professor Michael Benfield (UK), Anna Wexberg Kubesh,Robert Sebyana (Uganda),Gerti Zupanich (Vienna Austria)Viviane Gunnarson (Sweden) Eva Hellung (Sweden) ,Lawrence Sappor (UK & Ghana) Sofia Amaral (Portugal)Kanupriya Bhagat (India),Chit Chong (UK),Heiner Schmitz (Austria), Anna Wexberg Kubesch,Danielle Dériaz, Professor Maria Madi (Brazil), Clive Lord (UK),Don O Neal (UK and St Vincent),Dr Doaa Salman and Dr Atya (Egypt),Ludwig Rasmussen (Sweden) By Henry Cox, Freda Meisser-Blau (Founder of the Austrian Greens ),Per Gharton (Sweden), Jocelyn le Boulicant (France), Jigme Tashi Tsering (Bhuttan), Irmgard Seidler (Austria)


Order this book from the Green Economics Institute

Available Now! ISBN: 9781907543227


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