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Call for Papers and Chapters


Our books are written with leading international writers, editors and voices in the field as well as ordinary people, concerned activists, campaigners, academics & policy makers from around the world.



Proposed outline of the book (invitation to write for any of the following sections)

ISBN 978-1907543470


  • The importance of Recycling

  • The current stage of waste

  • Recycling in developed countries

  • Recycling in developing countries

  • New Technology solutions

  • Eco-Design methodologies

  • Business opportunities

  • Recycling policies and incentives

  • The Circular Economy

  • Green Economics: aims and features


The Recycling Revolution

Green Economics is designed to benefit, all people everywhere, the planet and its systems.

Green Economics aims to prevent further runaway and catastrophic climate change, to prevent further poverty, to prevent the further mass extinction of species and it tries to do all this by means of reform of economics from outside and within the disciplines.


We therefore invite you to contribute to our forthcoming book, The Recycling Revolution  so , you are welcome to send them in . Please check that with us that your idea is suitable by emailing the address below. Papers and chapters must be in Georgia  11 point with Chapter  headings at 22 point. Ideally send the books in in Open Office or Libre Office .odt  or otherwise word .doc. We can't accept 'pdf files. We will accept whole books, or chapters.


All our books are “Open Source” by which we mean that we invite up to  30 people to contribute a chapter from around the world making this a book of voices on each subject who speak about the different and complimentary human experiences and share the global humanity of each issue. Our books are written by people from all walks of life combining global experts with a number of high profile specialists, government, Ministers, young people, older people, people involved as consumers, farmers, producers, and academics, students and policy makers, campaigners and possibly some business people. We invite you all to make a contribution to this global voice on restoring economic health to our planet and to our economy!


We are especially keen to receive papers on any aspects of recycling, including policies and incentives, economic analysis and environmental studies.


If you would like to participate in this exciting project please email  now to ensure we reserve a space for your ideas. We can take photos (so long as they are your own) and also writing.


We welcome diverse contributions and we especially welcome with contributions from new writers with new ideas. The writing can be anything from 2 sides of A4 or more, 1 page of bullet points is also acceptable. Ideally, each chapter will be between 2, 5, 10 or 20 sides. We will mix academic, institutional, research, polemic, simple and more complex writing, political, policy makers, government academic, campaigning, institutional and business styles of writing as this is much more exciting to read. They can include original research, policy evaluation, or specific case studies or anecdotal stories.

Please ensure you give citations for any items you have not written yourself and photos must all be attributed to whoever took them. References must be Harvard style- and we do not accept footnotes. Please ask for further information or guidance if you need it. Please ensure you do not infringe anyone else's copyright.


We look forward to hearing from you very soon. We are very happy to advise you about your possible contribution so do not hesitate to contact us at the e-mail address:

Many thanks from The Editors of this volume:

The Green Economics Institute







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