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The Greening of Indonesia

The Greening of Indonesia

Green Economics:the Greening of Indonesia [Paperback]
Dessy Irawati (Author), Stephan Onggo (Author), Miriam Kennet (Author), Michelle Gale De Oliveira (Editor), Steven Marcelino (Editor)

Unique book charting the change to Green Economics and Green Economy in Indonesia and the opportunities it presents. Supported by the Bank of Indonesia and the Indonesian Scholars Association

Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: The Green Economics Institute (1 Aug 2013)
ISBN-10: 1907543821
ISBN-13: 978-1907543821
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    "Green economy has become an integral part of Indonesia's development strategy. The four-track development strategy of pro-poor, pro-jobs, pro-growth and pro-environment adopted by the Indonesian Government aims at promoting an optimal balance between economic growth, social equality and environmental sustainability, taking into account the interests of both present and future generations. Against this background, the basic principles of green economy become clear: it is an integral and indivisible part of a multidisciplinary approach and it embraces various stakeholders, including the world's future leaders - our younger generation. The youth represent a significant number of the world's population and is key in the pursuit of green economy. They have the ability to change and influence policy-making process in pursuing the future development of a green economy. I should therefore like to commend this publication as it covers a wide range of issues and abundant creative and innovative ideas. It provides themes on energy, technology and environment, education, social and culture as well as issues on economy and politics. It also presents the challenges and offers the opportunities in pursuing green economy through different approaches and disciplines. Decisions made today affect the world's future. This publication shares the concerns of the younger generation about creating a better future and how green economy contributes in the process. I believe that this publication is indeed a constructive contribution by the Indonesian youth in developing a holistic approach towards a more sustainable and greener Indonesia in the future. The book represents the best of Indonesians at home and abroad and I believe it will prove to be highly beneficial. I hope that you will enjoy reading this book and I truly believe that Indonesia's future is in good hands." Professor Dr T A Fauzi Soelaiman, MSME, Education Attache of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in London.
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