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The Greening of Health, Healthcare and Wellbeing

The Greening of Health, Healthcare and Wellbeing


The Greening of Health and Well Being: Health and Health Care and Well Being in the Age of Green Economics [Paperback]
Miriam Kennet (Author), Katherine Kennet (Author), Michelle Gale De Oliveira (Editor), Richard Holcroft (Editor)

Very popular book used by some of the biggest governments in the world to inform their healthcare policies. Also includes mental health aspects and global health issues.

Publisher: The Green Economics Institute (5 May 2013)
ISBN-10: 1907543767
ISBN-13: 978-1907543760

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    Looking ahead to 2015 "Ahead of the Sept 25 2015, The United Nations General Assembly, which will evaluate the efforts made towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals, and look ahead to the post-2015 Development Agenda, a special issue of The Lancet focuses on the Countdown to 2015. A new analysis of interventions to reduce maternal and child deaths in developing countries reveals that if current trends continue, just nine Countdown countries will meet internationally agreed targets to reduce the number of deaths of children under 5 to fewer than 20 deaths per 1000 births by 2035. " The Lancet 1.1 Introduction: Green Issues in Health today in the 21st century By Dr. Katherine Kennet, MBBS BSC. And Miriam Kennet Health, Healthcare, Health systems and the Well-being of the planet, nature, humans and other species are all essential aspects of a Green Economy. Economic, social and environmental justice all intersect at this critical point, as our species seeks to define the way forward, in terms of improving our standards of living, the human healthcare experience, and the best way to interact with the rest of our planet's species and nature itself. The Green Economics Institute first started to address this interconnected issue with its first Green Economics and Well Being Retreat which it held at the Earthspirit Centre near Glastonbury about 7 years ago. Over 100 people came to this event which had a guiding principle of Multiple Intelligences and the care and health of the whole person, forming the bedrock of any concept of health and well-being. Every aspect of a person is valued from a Green Economics Perspective. Additionally we recognise that the start people have in life can present serious challenges to health and well-being, much as the Marmot Review, a sort of Stern Review for Health, has just outlined.

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