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Green Economics & Young People

Green Economics & Young People

Green Economics and Education: The Future We All Have! [Paperback]
Miriam Kennet (Author), Juliane Goeke (Author)

The lost generation and its education, this book presents green solutions to the problems of the lost generation and contains the voices of educators, campaigners, students and many from the lost generation itself as it examines the solutions and pathways and explains its own vision for the future. The green innovations in education are described by the people who invented them making a unique, challenging and fascinating read.

Paperback: 300 pages
Publisher: The Green Economics Institute (1 Jun 2012)
ISBN-10: 1907543252
ISBN-13: 978-1907543258
  • Details

    Contributors to the book: Miriam Kennet is CEO, director and co-founder of the Green Economics Institute and the founder and editor of the International Journal of Green Economics. She is a member of Mansfield College, Oxford University and the Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University. Her research at South Bank University, London and at Templeton College, Oxford University focused on green issues and strategic management of international firms. She is editor and author of 100s of articles, book chapters and books in many languages. Miriam recently was named as one of the 100 most powerful women making change globally at a ceremony in London. She is the founder and Director of The Green Economics Institute and the International Journal of Green Economics. Juliane Goke is an editor and a member of the editorial board for the International Journal of Green Economics and has studied International Business Management and Governance at Paderborn, Hagen and Sheffield Universities. She worked in Germany and Indonesia in the Consultancy sector. Her research interests are sustainable business solutions and renewable energies in developing countries. Juliane Goke (Germany), Adam Salah (UK), Bradley Forder (UK), Edita Ausrine Ciplyte (Lithuania), Eleni Courea (Cyprus), Maria Madi (Brazil), Michelle Gale De Oliveira (Brazil), Priscilla Alderson (UK), Miriam Prasse (Germany), Miriam Kennet (UK), Davide Bottos (Italy), Jeff Turk (Slovenia), Marina Mangoni (Italy), Enrico Tezza (Italy), Sophie Billington (UK), Shamima Akhtar- Hussain (UK), Norfaryanti Kamaruddin (Malaysia), Carolina Lopez (Spain), Wei Ren (China), Mahelet Alemayehu Mekonnen (Ethiopia), Katherine Kennet (UK), Kristina Jociute (Lithuania), Aleksandra Lukaszewicz (Poland), Sandra Ries Lu Wei (China), Grit Silberstein (Germany), Maria Delfina Rossi (Spain), Indira Dutta (India), Freddy Tshibundu Shamwana (DRC Congo), Lizz Vine (UK), Helen Long (UK), Tatjana Tambovceva, Dzintra Atstaja, Dzineta Dimante(Latvia)
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