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Green Economics Methodology: An Introduction

Green Economics Methodology: An Introduction

An Green Economics Methodology: An Introduction: Green Economics Methodology: Reform, Repair and Re-Shaping Economics (Handbook of Green Economics) [Paperback]
Aase Seeberg (Author), Tone Hedberg (Author), Miriam Kennet (Author)

Publisher: The Green Economics Institute (2 Nov 2012)
ISBN-10: 190754335X
ISBN-13: 978-1907543357
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    Were you aware that due to dangerous and runaway climate-change, much of humanity may be forced to migrate, towards the Polar Regions and to live together at a density previously unimaginable, as many of the other areas of the planet may become uninhabitable or unable to sustain our crops or our food? Scientists predict this is a realistic scenario if we do not change the way we treat our planet. HurricaneSandy is just the latest episode in this process. The cost of Sandy has been estimated up to US $60 billion, and this is, according to many scientists, only just the beginning of what they have predicted! We,human beings and our economy, are entirely dependent on benevolent climatic conditions, in which we can thrive and on which our entire " civilisation" has developed up to now. We don't really know what will happen under very different conditions! The New York Stock Exchange for example had to be shut down for the first time in years, because of the hurricane. Are you concerned about environmental problems, but always wondered how, for example, climate change will affect you and your society, and wondered what can be done? This book will introduce you to what Green Economics is, and how you can take a critical look at the mainstream economic modelswhich are used in today's economy. The book is an edited volume and a compilation of essays, views, speeches about Green Economics its the methodology. It includes a wide range of the background discourse of Green Economics and how it already has affected politics in different societies and challenges main stream assumptions. You will find discussions on how Green Economics questions and replaces basic economic ideas such asgrowth, mass consumption and savings, and also how Green Economics gives the reader knowledge ofhow we can meet the challenges of climate change and the degradation of biodiversity. Some articles discuss other environmental approaches for example sustainable development and the Stern Review.
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