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Professional Examinations Lead to Permanent Letters after Your Name (.GE / M.GEI)


.GE Green Economist, and/ or  M.GEI Member of the Green Economics Institute.


These exams are offered with a course of learning which can be short – ie during a conference or longer study periods.

We run the examinations twice a year.

Please ask us for details and timetable

The examinations are £500 and the course of study depends entirely on your previous experience. Please email – filling out the Application  Form and we will send you further details. Some students are able to take this with only attendance at a 3 day conference -100% attendance is required. Others require the three month study placement or a months tuition. Please ask us to advise you what is best.

The above registration does not include accommodation or travel or regular food costs which you need to plan to pay yourself'

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