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11th annual conf.png

11th annual conf.png

Join us for the Philosophy of Social Justice - Speakers and Participants Welcome. Book Today!

Share your knowledge, research and ideas at this ground-breaking event. Meet with Green Economists from around the world. Participate in this global meeting of leading and emerging voices on social justice.



"I would fully recommend attending the conference next year if you are interested in any element of sustainability and economics."

Dr. Emma Waight, Southampton


"I really enjoyed this weekend. It opened my eyes again to something I have been missing whilst immersed in my PhD and reminded me where I'd really like to be heading with my life."



"I just wanted to get in touch quickly to thank you for joining us yesterday evening. Your presentation was thoroughly enjoyed and the discussion it generated was incredibly important."

The Scottish Parliament, Dec. 2012


"I officially want to congratulate you on the outstanding conference." 

Member, The International Labour Organisation.


"Thank you very much for the wonderful conference. I can never forget the ... affection you have given me at Oxford. You have got a wonderful team also."

Dr Indira Dutta, India, July 2012


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