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Green Economics



Green Economics Education

Internship, Study Placements, Fellowships, On line Courses, Scholars and Students Programmes -Spring,  Summer, Fall, Winter


The Green Economics Institute is currently recruiting now   work placement and interns and Visiting Scholars and students of all ages and backgrounds to start now and throughout the year. Most of our interns present at conferences and get to lecture and teach and speak at a very high level and several represent us at COP and other world class events for example at United Nations Sustainable Development Conferences where we have our own delegations.Nearly all have their work published. Please email us to register your interest at and  and we will contact you with further information.


Here you will find information about the many choices of Study Mode Options, Fees and Conditions

Options for Courses : (Most of our courses are suitable for Erasmus Plus, CPD, University Acreditation etc. Please ask us how the courses meet your own particular requirements).


  • Charity Work Experience with our Green Economics Institute Trust

  • Work Placement for Work Experience, administration, management, conference running, marketing, writing, editing, books. Public speaking, lecturing.

  • Academic Internship or study placements. Writing or editing academic work – our academic journal, our conference proceedings

  • Books and publishing writing, editing, production, reviewing

  • Conference and event administration and management

  • Professional Examinations and qualifications

  • Short 1-2 -3 day courses

  • Remote study from home

  • Remote work placement from home

  • Remote academic study from home

  •  Post Graduate Study 1-2-3- 6 months supervised study, Fellowships,Visiting Scholars

  • Undergraduate course (This option is in development and we can send details to you)

  • Masters Programme – currently in development and we will send you details

  • PhD Programme – currently in development and we will send you details

  • One book of your academic study – for Publication with the Institute

  • Open Book Examinations with certified Conference Attendance

  • Continuous Professional Education (CPD) Events throughout the year- please ask for dates and details

  • Internships- a formal taught course which works as a bridge between college and the world of work (Very popular course with over 400 students having gone through the programme.)

  • Career planning and tasting placements.

  • Erasmus Plus - internships and study placements (Our most popular course)

  • Post Doctoral Study, Research and Writing.

  • European Union Youth in Action Courses with partners delivering it together. Please enquire if you’d like to partner for our next course

  • Bespoke in house courses- we have run these and training in such varied environments as the UK Cabinet Office, Montenegro, Venice International University, Oxford, Berlin and many other places for many organisations, the International Labour Organisation of Trade Unions.

  • Supervised Research and innovation leading to a report or book or other publication and a public event.

  • Writing – learning to write –with formal tuition and supervision – leading to Publication of your writing in our books.

  • Dissertation Supervision for your course


Health and Safety

Any student deliberately contravening health and safety instructions, potentially endangering themselves or others, will be asked to leave immediately without a refund.

All students must fill in a Health and Safety form on arrival in order to ensure we can look after you during your period with us. We require all students to register with a Doctor and Dentist whilst they are with us.



Work Experience, Study Placements & Internships

As we are a very small charity we have to charge to cover the expenses incurred in providing you with a first class and in-depth training and learning experience.

No one is turned away because they can't afford it but we do ask all students to contribute to the life of the Institute in concrete ways.


All students are required to pay the following:


£65 compulsory Institute membership for one year plus we ask you also  to  Cover your  conference and other entrance fees for the annual conference or other conferences so you do not have to pay any entrance fee for any event we run whilst you are with us

Placement  costs, insurances and tuition costs we incur for you.(We ask all students to obtain their own health insurance please)


We offer three routes for study placements and internships.


a) Remote –via skype or similar from £500 -33000  depending on courses avaialable, per student for the whole period- usually 3 months.

b) Academic –ie not working but studying guided by us with some publishing of your work if suitable. Please email for fees, for this  course of study for up to 3 months (not including food, travel or accommodation).

c) Work experience for students as part of your course or independently, joining in all activities- for a rich and varied experience

Please email to ask about fees, to cover insurances etc as above for up to 3 months (Excluding accommodation, travel and food).


We can provide  feedback, possible acreditation information,  to your university and  in some instances references where appropriate.




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