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Africa: Transition to a Green Economy

From Economic Growth to Sustainable Development


Edited by Dr Chidi Magnus Onuoha, Michelle S Gale de Oliveira, Miriam Kennet


“Beyond Economic Growth, from the Browning to the Greening of Africa. Building a more secure future, by embracing a more sustainable form of development that will improve lives today and build a better world for our children and grandchildren.”

Dr Chidi Magnus Onuoha (Nigeria)


Book Overview: 11 parts. No. of pages 266 approx. ISBN: 9781907543364



Part 1: Transitioning to a Sustainable Economy

Part 2: The Green Economics Institute's Activities and Network

Part 3: Prosperity and Justice

Part 4: A Green Economics Model for Africa's People

Part 5: Greening of the African Economy

Part 6: Learning to Revalue Nature

Part 7: Denying Oil Exploitation and Corruption in the Nile Delta

Part 8: Biodiversity

Part 9: Voices of Africa

Part 10: Sustainable Development

Part 11: Africa's Agricultural Development and Africa's Future


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Biographies of The Editors:


Dr Chidi Magnus Onouha (Nigeria) is a Development Economist, and Public Policy Analyst. Qualified from University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria and he is a member of the Green Economics Institute, UK. He taught Economics at the Institute for Continuing Education Programme, Imo State University, Nigeria before he left for National Assembly, Abuja Nigeria where he served as a Senior Legislative Aide to the House Committee on Petroleum (Upstream). He also served as a National Expert in the United Nations Industrial Organization (UNIDO) / Institute for African Studies, Oxford University, UK collaborative effort on the Survey of the manufacturing sector of the Nigerian Economy in 2004. He is the author of Fiscal Policy and Poverty Alleviation: The Nigerian Experience. He is presently a Research Fellow, African Institute for Applied Economics, Enugu, Nigeria.


Michelle S. Gale de Oliveira is a Director of the Green Economics Institute, UK. She is a member of the Law School of the University of London School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), holding an MA in Human Rights Law with a focus on Islamic Law, Peace-Building, and Developing Countries, specifically South Sudan. Founder of the Gender Progress Consortium, she holds degrees in Political Science and International Relations from Richmond, the American International University in London (RAIUL). She is a Deputy Editor of  the International Journal of Green Economics. Her writing has been featured in Europe's World, one of the foremost European policy magazines. She lectures and speaks on Human Rights, Environmental and Social Justice, Gender Equity, International Development and Green Economics internationally. She also ran a conference on women’s unequal pay and poverty in Reading, UK, lectured at the Oxford University Club on the human rights of land reform, is a regular speaker at international conferences and has appeared in the media in Africa, Europe, and Latin America. In 2010/2011, she was a delegate to the UNFCCC's COP15/16 in Copenhagen and Cancun, and in 2012 led a delegation to the  United Nations' RIO+20, Sustainable Development Conference  where she ran our three side events on green economics.


Miriam Kennet is a specialist in Green Economics and is married to a South African whose family have been involved in food and charity programmes in the Cape Schools and townships. She has been active in creating an African network of Green Economists.

She is the Co-Founder and is CEO of the Green Economics Institute She also founded and edits the first Green Economics academic journal in the world, the International Journal of Green Economics, and she has been credited with creating the academic discipline of Green Economics. Green Economics has been recently described by the Bank of England as one of the most vibrant and healthy areas of economics at the moment.


She is a member of the Environmental Change Institute, at the University of Oxford.  The BBC has made a special programme about her life and work. She runs regular conferences at Oxford University about Green Economics. Publishing regularly and having over 100 articles, papers and books. She has been featured in the Harvard Economics Review and Wall Street Journal as a leader. Recently she was named one of 100 most powerful unseen global women by the Charity One World. She is a popular after dinner speaker, and has advised in the Uk Parliament and the Bank of England and in Brussels. She won the Honour Award for Green Business in Luxembourg 2014.


With contributions from 16 other authors from around Africa and globally including:

Dr Stephen Bakhare(Nigeria), Mahalet Mekonnen (Ethiopia), Dr Isavanya Naicker (Cambridge University) Freddie Shamwana (University of Surrey and DRCongo), Dr Emanuel Ojo (South Africa), Adrian Nel (Zimbabwe), Achille Tuete (Cameroun), Elliot Mbiko (South Africa), Dr Susan Canney (University of Oxford and expert on Mali), Sumaya Abedi (Somaliland and UK), Ngefor Silvian (Cameroun), Igor Makarov, Riad Sultan (Mauritius), Kirstof and Stacia Nordin ( Malawi)


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