Africa: Transition to a Green Economy

From Economic Growth to Sustainable Development


Edited by Dr Chidi Magnus Onuoha, Michelle S Gale de Oliveira, Miriam Kennet


“Beyond Economic Growth, from the Browning to the Greening of Africa. Building a more secure future, by embracing a more sustainable form of development that will improve lives today and build a better world for our children and grandchildren.”

Dr Chidi Magnus Onuoha (Nigeria)


Book Overview: 11 parts. No. of pages 266 approx. ISBN: 9781907543364



Part 1: Transitioning to a Sustainable Economy

Part 2: The Green Economics Institute's Activities and Network

Part 3: Prosperity and Justice

Part 4: A Green Economics Model for Africa's People

Part 5: Greening of the African Economy

Part 6: Learning to Revalue Nature

Part 7: Denying Oil Exploitation and Corruption in the Nile Delta

Part 8: Biodiversity

Part 9: Voices of Africa

Part 10: Sustainable Development

Part 11: Africa's Agricultural Development and Africa's Future


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