Introduction to Green Economics - What we do and Why we do it


We see a lack of progress or realism in the world economy with bankrupt ideas and hopelessly outdated models solving problems for rich people which are from yesteryear. We work at the cutting edge of todays 21st century challenges in Alternative Economics, under a Heterodox Umbrella but also in Science, we regard ourselves as Scientists as we keep a totally Real World Perspective in our Economics. We use stats and maths to understand the Real World and its ecology. Not to fabricate meaningless and boring formula dreamt up by people who have never worked in the real world and who have no scientific background or understanding about sustainability and the physical aspects of the world. All our team are interdisciplinarily and pluralist in their training and many are Professors or doers and some are Nobel Prize Winners. They all have a vision above and beyond the every day but based firmly on practical foundations, we make change for ordinary people -of which most people including ourselves are. We dont think we should be creating an economy for the elite and those who already have alot or far too much to consume. We think we should be creating an economy for everyone to share and have a healthy and pleasant life with enough to eat, freedom to express themselves and their thoughts, so long as they dont hurt others, and with safe and clean air, water and soil. With a free life long education and a health care system free at the point of use and a decent public transport system and jobs which are meaningful and satisfying and linked to community improvement not just profit for greedy shareholders. We seek to do things differently and we have a huge suppporter base in our quest.



We believe that neo classical and neo liberal economics, has had its day, and is now causing mahem world wide. We know that production needs to be locallised again, that meaningless globalisation -wizing useless things around the world is the cause of untold slavery, misery, exploitation and pollution and climate change and is hollowing out whole economies of countries and now entire regions of the globe.Far from creating jobs, it is actually decimating them wholesale. Its time to stop and to start to encourage local economic progress and production. Its above all time to get the Supply Chains Real, stop the bullying, stop the bribery, stop the corruption which now seems to be endemic everywhere as systems struggle to scroll down into the detail of global payments, food supply and activity which is so vast that no one not even bankers have the faintest clue what they are working with or selling. Its time to stop and to re-educate ourselves.Buyers and Procurement Specialists need to rethink the mess they have created and stop taking the easy way out. The whole world does not need to source everything in Chinese slave factories. Its not fair on the Chinese and its hollowing out other economies.



All the larger companies need to start paying the fair rate of tax, and paying decent wages for decent jobs- Hall of Shame this month is Apple. We urgently want to hear how they will be repairing the cruelty and hurt they have caused their workers, and the shame they have brought on their users.



Young and old alike need to take stock, find out what disasters have been done in their name, check everytime they buy something- if its daft like a small item from half way round the world- go to the shop keeper and complain and ask them to stock local produce for local needs, local jobs for local people whereever sensible.  Revive local economies, look after homeless people in our own community, and for parents and teachers to give a sense of leadership and vision.



People need to learn the art of leadership and everyone can be a leader in something that they are proud of no matter how small. We need to encourage respect for everyone in our community and start sharing the planet and its bounty fast before its too late- make a New Years Resolution for change- no matter how small - cut your own carbon footprint by 10 more per cent, go and help in a homeless centre, start a little local busines, help someone else every day. Make yourself feel good in this way- This we call Green Economics! Caring, sharing and supporting each other, reforming economics, reclaiming it for all of us, not just the rich and powerful few.



We work tirelessly to implement change at all levels. We have won many awards for our work and our ideas are used around the globe.


We work with ordinary people, but our work is studied, read and admired by governments, kings and princes as well. Our leadership role has been acknowledged and invitations received from all sorts of quarters, including The United Nations, the National Government School, the Cabinet Office, the EU, and most recently the Luxembourg Government. We may be running an event in the House of Lords to launch our 15th Anniversary and we have run several events in the House of Commons. Our work has been published all over the world including in the Havard Economics Magazine and the Trecanni in Italy and many other places. We have our own Academic Journals.



We have world class speakers on many topics related to social and environmental justice



We publish books and Research Reports, and run academic and policy conferences at Oxford University and elsewhere around the world.



Each year we have a programme for new Innovators and people come and study with us to learn about our unique methodology, future visioning and ideas.



We run regular conferences and fund raising events to ensure our change making is as effective as any on the planet. If you would like to know more or to participate in our work or our events please contact us.



This year 2020 is our 15th Anniversary so we have a very lively programme of events - all designed to create waves of change in the world and in the economy.


If you would like to help with our campaign for a Change in Economics both in practice, policy and in Universities - get in touch with us now and tell us about your own vision for a better future and we will show you how you can help create a real alternative in the world. You can contact us by emailing or calling + 44 (0) 7990 590463



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